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Title: "Finding Home" Genre: Drama/Coming-of-age Synopsis: "Finding Home" is an emotional and heartwarming film that follows the journey of a young orphan named Mia as she navigates through life's challenges while searching for a place to call home. Act 1: Mia, a bright and resilient 10-year-old girl, finds herself alone in the world after the sudden passing of her parents. She is sent to live in a crowded orphanage, where she struggles to fit in and longs for the love and stability of a family. Mia befriends Lucas, a kind-hearted boy who becomes her partner in crime. Act 2: Mia and Lucas embark on a daring adventure to escape the orphanage and find a place they can truly call home. Along the way, they encounter various obstacles and meet a cast of colorful characters who teach them the true meaning of family and belonging. They meet Sarah, a compassionate social worker, who becomes their guiding light and helps them navigate the challenges of finding a loving foster family. Through a series of heartwarming and bittersweet encounters, Mia and Lucas learn about resilience, friendship, and the importance of never giving up on their dreams. Act 3: As Mia and Lucas continue their search, they encounter a loving couple, John and Emily, who open their hearts and home to them. Mia's journey culminates in a tearful reunion with her biological grandmother, who had been searching for her since the day she was born. In a heartwarming climax, Mia finally finds the love and stability she has always longed for, surrounded by her newfound family. The film ends with a sense of hope and the message that home is not just a physical

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