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Chuyến Tàu Tận Thế Pending Train (2023)

Trạng thái:
Full (10/10) HD Vietsub

Đạo diễn:
Kenta Tanaka, Okamoto Shingo,

Quốc gia:
Nhật Bản,

Năm sản xuất:

Thời lượng:
58 phút/tập

Chất lượng:
Bản đẹp

Độ phân giải:
Full HD

Ngôn ngữ:
Phụ đề việt

Thể loại:
Bí Ẩn, Chính kịch

Lượt xem:

Công ty SX:
Đang cập nhật

Đánh giá phim (1 lượt)

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Chuyến Tàu Tận Thế - Pending Train (2023) - - Full (10/10) HD Vietsub

Nội dung phim

Title: Chuyến Tàu Tận Thế - Pending Train 2023 Introduction: Chuyến Tàu Tận Thế - Pending Train 2023 is a gripping and thought-provoking science fiction film set in a dystopian future. In a race against time, the story follows a group of individuals who must board a mysterious train, rumored to be the last refuge for humanity as the world faces imminent destruction. As they journey together, they must confront their fears, make difficult choices, and discover the true nature of their existence. Plot Summary: In the year 2023, the world has become a desolate and inhospitable place. Droughts, famine, and natural disasters have ravaged the planet, leaving humanity on the brink of extinction. Amidst this chaos, rumors of a train that promises salvation spread like wildfire. The protagonist, Alex, is a disillusioned scientist who has lost hope in finding a solution to save humanity. However, when he stumbles upon evidence suggesting the existence of the mysterious train, he embarks on a mission to find it and secure a place onboard for himself and a select group of survivors. As Alex gathers a diverse group of individuals, each with their own unique skills and backgrounds, they face numerous challenges and obstacles. They must navigate treacherous landscapes, evade dangerous factions vying for control, and confront their own inner demons. During their journey, the group experiences personal growth and transformation. They learn to work together, transcending their differences for the greater goal of survival. Along the way, they encounter other groups of survivors, some desperate and willing to do anything to secure a spot on the train, while others have lost all hope and succumbed to

Từ khóa:

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