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Không Gian Tình Yêu Không Gian Tình Yêu (2019)

Trạng thái:
Full (13/13) HD Vietsub

Quốc gia:
Trung Quốc,

Năm sản xuất:

Thời lượng:
90 Phút/tập

Chất lượng:
Bản đẹp

Độ phân giải:
Full HD

Ngôn ngữ:
Phụ đề việt

Thể loại:
Hài Hước, Tình Cảm, Tv Shows

Lượt xem:

Công ty SX:
Đang cập nhật

Đánh giá phim (1 lượt)

Không Gian Tình Yêu - Không Gian Tình Yêu (2019) - - Full (13/13) HD Vietsub

Nội dung phim

Title: Không Gian Tình Yêu (The Space of Love) Genre: Romantic Drama Synopsis: In the bustling city of Hanoi, two souls, Mai and Long, are brought together by fate. Mai, a talented artist, is disillusioned with her love life, while Long, an ambitious architect, struggles to find meaning in his work. Little did they know that their paths would cross and their lives would never be the same again. One day, Mai decides to visit a local art gallery and discovers a mesmerizing painting that captivates her heart. Unbeknownst to her, Long is the artist behind this masterpiece. Intrigued and inspired by the painting's beauty, Mai decides to track down the elusive artist. As Mai delves deeper into Long's creative world, their conversations grow intimate, revealing a connection that goes beyond the canvas. Long, too, finds solace and inspiration in the conversations with Mai. They begin to comprehend the true meaning of art and love, and how they are intertwined. Amidst their emotional journey, Mai and Long face numerous challenges that test their commitment to one another. Society's expectations, recurring doubts, and personal insecurities threaten to tear them apart. However, their love proves resilient, defying all odds. In the end, Mai and Long embrace their passions, choosing to prioritize their love over everything else. In a world filled with distractions and complexities, they find solace and happiness in each other's arms. Together, they create their own space of love, where art and emotions intertwine seamlessly, celebrating the beauty of life itself. "Không Gian Tình Yêu" is a heartfelt film that explores the power of love, art, and the

Từ khóa:

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