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The Jungle Book The Jungle Book (1967)

Trạng thái:
HD Vietsub

Đạo diễn:
Wolfgang Reitherman,

Quốc gia:
Âu - Mỹ,

Năm sản xuất:

Thời lượng:
78 Phút

Chất lượng:
Bản đẹp

Độ phân giải:
Full HD

Ngôn ngữ:
Phụ đề việt

Thể loại:
Gia Đình, Hoạt Hình, Phiêu Lưu

Lượt xem:

Công ty SX:
Đang cập nhật

Đánh giá phim (1 lượt)

The Jungle Book - The Jungle Book (1967) - HD Vietsub

Nội dung phim

The Jungle Book is a classic animated film released in 1967, based on the novel of the same name by Rudyard Kipling. Set in the lush jungles of India, the story follows the adventures of Mowgli, a young boy who was raised by wolves. The film starts with Mowgli being found by Bagheera, a wise panther, who takes him to the wolves to be raised as one of their own. Mowgli grows up alongside his wolf brothers and sisters, learning the ways of the jungle from his animal friends such as Baloo the bear and Kaa the snake. However, not everyone in the jungle is friendly towards Mowgli. Shere Khan, a fearsome Bengal tiger, sees Mowgli as a threat and wants to eliminate him. Bagheera decides it is time for Mowgli to return to the human village for his safety. Reluctant to leave his jungle home, Mowgli embarks on a journey to the human village with Bagheera. Along the way, they encounter various memorable characters, including King Louie, a fun-loving orangutan who wants to learn the secret of fire. Despite the dangers and challenges they face, Mowgli's resilience and bravery shine through. He also learns important life lessons about friendship, loyalty, and the importance of embracing one's true identity. The Jungle Book is a heartwarming and entertaining film that captivates audiences of all ages. Through its vibrant animation, catchy songs, and memorable characters, it brings Kipling's beloved story to life. This timeless tale reminds us of the beauty of nature, the importance of family, and the power of self-discovery.

Trailer phim The Jungle Book - The Jungle Book

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